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Meet Nollie

Kaleidoscopebrainz // NollieBopz

San Diego, CA

•hand-cut collages•


our existence ≈
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Nollie Bopz, a gifted collage artist hailing from the vibrant shores of Ocean Beach, California, breathes life into the forgotten and discarded. With a deft hand and a creative eye, she assembles hand-cut collages from an eclectic assortment of materials: vintage magazines, book pages, greeting cards, and more. In her world, the very essence of collage art lies in deconstruction-taking captivating fragments, snipping them into smaller, intricate pieces, and then reassembling them into wholly unique and captivating compositions. The possibilities are boundless, ever-evolving with Nollie's mood and the rhythm of the music that inspires her. Although she dabbled in this art form as a teenager, it was the crucible of the 2020 pandemic that deepened her commitment to collage. Her work has graced the Template in Ocean Beach, earned her an artist space in Connect San Diego, secured her a spot in 8, a San Diego zine and Yellow Bike Magazine. Nollie's artistic journey is a testament to her ceaseless creative spirit, with aspirations to explore different canvases and scale up her enchanting creations. With stacks of waiting magazines, her artistic odyssey promises to be a thrilling one.